Past Projects

Installation and Hot Tap on a Steel Cylinder Water Line

An 8” Hot Tap was completed on a 21” concrete cylinder pipe with a semastic coating. The three piece tapping saddle is designed for installation directly onto the outside of the coating, reinforcing the pipe prior to removing any coating or wires.

The exterior coating of the pipe is removed only in the area where the hot tap will be made. The gland portion of the saddle seals up against the steel wall as it is drawn down. After a pressure test, grout is poured in the gap between the saddle and the gland to prevent movement.

The flange assembly on this project was angled at 27° to match the angle of the existing line. This allowed the valve to be mounted in a vertical position for operation above ground.

The saddle and valve connections are tested prior to the hot tap. The hot tap is then completed and the new lateral is ready to be run.

The tapping sleeve waterway is epoxy coated (fusion applied per AWWA C-213). The body of the tapping sleeve is available with epoxy coating or a heavy coat of corrosion resistant primer. Bolting is corrosion resistant, high strength and low alloy. Optional Stainless Steel 304 or 316 is available in certain applications.