Koppl Pipeline Services provides a variety of custom hot tapping and line stopping fittings for the water, wastewater, plumbing, and industrial markets.

Koppl Hot Tap Fittings for Steel Pipeproduct5big

Used for making hot tap connections into a live line
Sizes available for 3” and larger for size-on-size and reducing outlets
Can be made to fit any diameter, including flat plate installations
Standard ANSI 150# Flanges used, with optional 300# Flanges available

RN – Standard Nozzle
RN-100 – Standard Nozzle with Collar Plates
RN-120 – Standard Nozzle with Full Wrap Plates

CN – Cement Lined Plain
CN-100 – Cement Lined with Collar Plates
CN-120 – Cement Lined with Full Wrap Plates

Full port inside diameter for maximum flow. Pre-contoured for easy field fit-up.
Optional Test Ports available.

KopplStop™ Line Stop Fittingsproduct3big

Pin-Style Line Stop Fittings for steel pipe

Size-on-Size and Reducing Branch
Dutchman Pin-Style Line Stop Fittings for placement onto a standard flange
QT Style Line Fittings for steel pipe
Stainless Steel Bolt-on Fittings for copper, PVC, and ductile iron

Koppl SV-150™ Tapping Fitting

Allows for a hot tapped branch connection without requiring a permanent valve
Use a Butterfly Valve as the permanent valve instead of an expensive gate valve
Can be used on any type of pipe
Fittings can be shop coated with high performance rust inhibitor or epoxy coated
Outlets from 4”-24” are available

Shaped Nipplesproduct4big

Schedule 40 or Schedule 80 pipe contoured to fit any diameter pipe
Perpendicular or angled cuts
Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel
Precision cut with our Plasma Equipped Contouring Machine

Reinforcement Plates and Rolled Materialproduct1big

Custom cut reinforcement plates for hot tap and line stop fittings
Wedding Bands for pipe joints (with or without hand holes)
Cut to fit piping or tanks
3/16”, 1/4”, and 3/8” plate thicknesses available

Koppl TW-100™ Thermowell Fittings

Used for insertion of temperature sensors and wells into a live piping system
Custom made to fit any length and any diameter well
Systems available for steel, cast iron, ductile iron, PVC, and copper

Hot Tapping Machine Accessories

Carbide and High Speed Steel Hole Saws
Authorized Relton Distributor for HSS and Carbide Hole Saws
Pilot Drills – 1/4” and 3/8” HSS with catch wire
Custom parts and repair services available

Hot Tapping Saddles for all Types of Pipeproduct2big

Tapping Saddles for Asbestos Cement, Ductile Iron, Cast Iron, Carbon Steel, Copper, PVC.
Epoxy Coated Bolt-on Saddles (Mechanical Joint or Single O-Ring Type)
Stainless Steel Tapping Saddles
Custom Bolting Options

Koppl Pipeline Services can supply and install all of the above fittings. For more information on our service capability, please give us a call or contact us via email at