Valve Inserting

Valve Insertion: Installing a new valve under pressure with minimal intrusion on the pipe.

Koppl Pipeline Services understands that in most cases, it is undesirable to stop the flow in the line or drain it completely in order to install a new valve. When a new valve needs to be installed, a valve insertion by a Koppl Pipeline technician is a quick and simple solution. Using new technologies and equipment, a valve insertion is also a very cost effective solution for many applications.

Valve Insertions Provide:

  • The Need for Only One Excavation
  • Quick Installation
  • Immediate Results
  • Water System Control

Valve Insertions Can Eliminate:

  • System Shutdown
  • Draining of Water
  • Chlorination
  • Multiple Excavations
  • Disruption of Service to Customers

Advantages to performing a valve insertion include:

  • Flow remains ONLINE and UNDER PRESSURE
  • Only 1 cut to the pipe
  • Reduced project expense
  • Reduced installation time

Fittings can be used with all common types of pipe and can be used on 4″ to 12″ pipe:

  • Cast Iron
  • Asbestos
  • Cement
  • Pit Cast
  • Ductile Iron
  • Plastic

Koppl Pipeline Services provides both the Advanced Valve Technologies EZ Valve and the Hydra-Stop™ Insta-Valve™ Plus. Each system provides their own unique advantages. Give us a call today to see what process can offer the best solution to your need.

Hydra-Stop™ Insta-Valve™ Plus

  1. Install Valve Body and Saddle on Pipe
  2. Install Temporary Isolation Valve and perform Hot Tap
  3. Insert Valve Actuation Hardware
  4. Install Top Flange and Operating Nut

The Insta-Valve™ Plus is now ready for service!

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EZ Valve Permanent Valve Insertion System

  1. Install Valve Assembly on Pipe
  2. Begin Cutting Pipe with EM Cutting Machine
  3. Remove EM Cutting Machine, Tighten Retaining Bolts, Install Completion Plug

EZ Valve Installation Complete!


Call now to see if a valve insertion is right for you…